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...And Minding Less.And.Less, If I Am -Colder-

(Without a clue to carry on)

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When there's nothing left to lose...
24 March 1986
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Language is a
skin; I
Rub my
Language against the
Other. It
Is as if I had
Words instead of
Fingers, or
Fingers at the
Tip of my words. My

Language trembles

~Roland Barthes

My name is Ron.
I graduated from Saint Bonaventure University with a degree in Modern Languages.
I love languages.
I love to travel.
I collect umbrellas and old luggage.
I burn incense.
I crochet.

Je m'appelle Ron.
J'ai reçu mon diplôme de Langues Modernes à l'université de Saint Bonaventure.
J'adore les langues.
J'adore voyager.
J'ai une collection de parapluies et des vieilles valises.
Je brûle de l'encens.
Je fais du crochet.

Me llamo Ron.
Me gradué de la universidad de San Buenaventure, licensiado en Lenguas Modernas.
Me encantan los idiomas.
Me encanta viajar.
Hago una colecta de paraguas y maletas viejas.
Quemo inciensos.
Yo ganchillo.

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